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I love Subversion, but I'm phasing it out »

FERDY CHRISTANT - JUL 17, 2007 (07:49:33 PM)

Subversion is awesome for source code control. It is so awesome that we use it at work for mass software development. If I would have to recommend one tool for developers to professionalize their way of working across all platforms, it would be Subversion. I have been running it for a while now at my home linux server for my own projects. I have also written a popular article about it:

In fact, for some obscure reason that entry attracts the most traffic of all my entries and articles!

Anyway, despite my love of running a fast Subversion server at home that I can access from anywhere on the internet, I'm still trying to phase it out of my home server. I have moved over my repositories to Google Project Hosting, and so far it is working in an acceptable way. I will evaluate that service for a while before I shutdown Subversion at home though. My own setup is much faster and has better repository browsing, but my urge to simplify my home environment is strong.

Why? Because running and maintaining a lot of hardware and software at home costs a lot of time, whilst I have better things to do. It also means I have to keep a very old desktop running 24/7 as a server, which my girlfriend does not like. It is all part of my masterplan to move commodity software from my desktop and servers, so that I can freely access it everywhere.

In the future, I might invest in purchasing new hardware for a new home server, because with multiple computers we do need a file server and a web server to work on. I might reinstall Subversion then. For now, it looks like I have one dependency less in my home setup, which is good.

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