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My ode to Yahoo »

FERDY CHRISTANT - APR 15, 2009 (08:32:21 PM)

During the last year, my respect for Yahoo has grown tremendously. It's funny, because I never used any of Yahoo's services other than Flickr, which is awesome by the way. My renewed interest in Yahoo goes out to what they do for the web. They understand the web. They understand standards. They understand performance. They understand usability. As a web developer, I'm using more and more of their services. Some I cannot live without. Here are a few examples:

  • YUI Reset. This is a CSS reset stylesheet that neutralizes rendering inconsistencies between browsers. I use this for all my new projects.
  • YUI Compressor.This is a Java command-line tool to compress JS and CSS files. You can easily save over 40% in bandwidth, sometimes more.
  • YSlow. After Firebug the most useful Firefox add-on for web developers ever. This little gem analyzes the performance of the current page and gives you clear, understandable conclusions along with pointers on how to optimize your front-end. I use this for every project, at home and at work. This tool is supported by a nice overview of world-class performance optimization guidelines. Everybody, please invest a few hours in learning this tool and reading the guidelines. It's oh so worth it!
  • Graded browser support chart. Yahoo runs the biggest website in the world, they know what cross-browser support is. Their overview of graded browsers is more and more becoming a standard in the industry. When you build something important that is internet-facing, that chart will give you a hint on what you should support.
  • UI Design Pattern Library. Not sure how to design one specific part of your user interface? How the interaction flow should be, what the standard is? Check out the UI Design Pattern Library as a great reference to get started.

There is much more at the Yahoo Developer Network, but the above are just some examples of things I actually use. Yahoo provides a free treasure of invaluable tools, components and advise coming from years of experience in running their own operations.

Thank you Yahoo. I salute you.

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Comments: 2


APR 15, 2009 - 11:48:45 PM

comment » And yet... YSlow shows what results for this page? :) «


APR 16, 2009 - 07:33:27 AM

comment » Dave,

Hehe, I know, I F. Like I said...I use YSlow for all my NEW projects 18

It's funny because yesterday I gave a demo of YSlow to a coworker and used it on my own site as a bad example. In my defense, the biggest reason why I'm scoring an F is due to Google Ads, statistics, and Twitter integration «

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