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A strange web experience »

FERDY CHRISTANT - FEB 6, 2013 (06:58:39 PM)

I just had the strangest web experience. I opened up JungleDragon in Internet Explorer, and for the first time in many years, it rendered exactly as I intended it:

No layout issues, no styling issues, no lack of HTML5 or CSS3 support. I'm talking about Internet Explorer 10 (platform preview on Win7). Other than finally rendering modern websites well (or at least JungleDragon), it is also blazingly fast. Way faster than Firefox and on par or slightly faster than Chrome. 

I normally don't shy away from IE bashing. I think I have good reasons to do so. The faulty product has caused me hundreds of unproductive hours of my life, and it has held back the potential of the web for so long now. It's not Microsoft hate, it simply is hate for shitty browsers, which in practice almost allways means IE. 

Let me turn that into a positive for once: IE10 is looking to be one fine browser.  Compliments to the team that build it.

Unfortunately, I'll still end with a cynical tone: this is not the first time I'm positive about a new IE version. IE8, 9 and now 10 were/are all pretty good to excellent browsers when they were released. The problem is, they don't die. In 2 years IE10 will be behind the curve, yet as long as Microsoft does not auto-update browsers, we will be stuck for years supporting multiple versions of IE.

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