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FERDY CHRISTANT - JAN 27, 2005 (05:36:55 PM)

I have very little to share, work is very busy and I'm remotely following Lotussphere. Additionally, I have two "hobby" sites to build and one to fix. Always a joy when your environment discovers that you can fix computers and build websites.

Anyway, I just ordered Better, Faster, Lighter Java, after a recommendation from a friend. The book is supposed to demonstrate light-weight alternatives to bloatware Java frameworks that only get in your way. Curious...

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FEB 10, 04:14:17

comment » My copy's sitting right next to me as I read this. I've been to a conference and heard Bruce Tate speak about these topics in detail. I think you're going to like it. Something had always felt "wrong" about J2EE development for me. When I discovered Spring and the other "inversion of control" style frameworks, the light went on. Very useful, clean and easy to understand/implement stuff. Send me a note after you've gotten into it. I'm curious to see your reaction. «

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