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FERDY CHRISTANT - AUG 10, 2006 (06:43:40 PM)

Nowadays there are a lot of online tools available for web masters. Technorati is a great example. They perform a certain task and are very good at it. Wit the amount of tools growing, this silo approach can become a bit too fragmented. That's why I love It has all the stuff I need in one place, and is extremely easy to use.

Features offered:
  • Information about your site (size, age, speed, etc)
  • Search engine optimization
  • Validation
  • Browser compatibility
  • Cache (archived versions of your site)
  • Misc (some silly tests, such as a web 2.0 test)
  • Accessibility
  • Color blindness
  • Proxy access (anonymous)
Nice to add to the toolbox, me thinks. Let me know if you have anything better.

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