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FERDY CHRISTANT - AUG 19, 2006 (01:03:08 PM)

I'm glad to say that I'm fully recovered from my eye infection. I can wear contacts all day and my vision is even better than before. While catching up on the email and blog reading, the flow of the web once more surprised me...

I was checking a tech news site. It had a story on early screenshots of the Amazon video store. I visit the guys' blog and see that next to his blog content, he also has some fun projects. One of his projects is Logolepsy, an extensive list of odd English words. I'm a fan of short web 2.0-style domain names, like digg, meebo, and such. Although their meaning is not always clear at first, at least they are easy to remember and sound abstract and inspirational. So, while not planning to purchase a domain, somehow I went to compare the list of words with their availability, and even registered a few.

Below are the domain names I own, and my plans for it:

ferdychristant.comMy blog, active since about 4 years now, in different forms
s3maphor3.orgDedicated site where I release my projects and experiments
truncky.comReserved for a future s3maphor3 project, the successor of iDocuments
botrise.comNew. I may use this as a site dedicated to chat bots, supported by my PIMB project. I hold great faith in the future of chat bots. I think they will be one of the next big things, probably in combination with AI
riseofthebots.comNew. Same intention as the previous domain. Although longer, somehow I like this one more. Sounds like a movie title, eh?
tetricity.comNew. I have no clue what to do with it, but it sounds cool to me. It sounds futuristic, so maybe I'll use it for my bot project at some point.
thibble.comNew. Short and cool, and very web 2.0. No idea what to do with it though.

As for tips on selecting and registering your own domains, all I can say is that is a dirty game. The majority of the already registered domains don't have a website and are merely purchased for the sake of profit. Also be careful about where you check for the availability of domains. Some registrars pick up your search query, list them as taken, while they are not, and then reserve them on their account. Appearantly they can get away with doing this, while not even having to pay for the reservation the first 30 days.

As for selecting names to register, I typically try to combine my own aspirations and keywords with a list of words to combine them with.

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