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A quick Thunderbird tip »

FERDY CHRISTANT - AUG 19, 2006 (02:31:43 PM)

I love Thunderbird. I use it as a single client to all my personal email accounts. I love it because it is fast, intuitive and secure. Yet, I did not like the fact that it did not prompt me for any password for any of the accounts when I open the client. This would mean that anybody who has access to my computer (including for exampe the guy doing maintenance on it) would be able to browse years of personal email history.

Luckily, Thunderbird has a feature for this: Master passwords. A master password is a single password that protects all your email accounts. Once enabled, it prompts you for it once during each session.

Here's how to enable it:

Go to "Tools-options-Privacy-passwords". Click on "Set master password", and enter the password twice. Click on "OK", and restart Thunderbird. You will now be prompted for your master password:

master password prompt

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