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A slightly less ugly logo »

FERDY CHRISTANT - SEP 25, 2006 (09:15:54 PM)

I have a new site logo. Hit Ctrl+Refresh if you're still seeing the old orange logo. I like this one better, although it still isn't exactly brilliant. The creative process of coming to this logo was quite fun, so I'll share:

  • The bars in the background is the DNA profile of my site. You can get your own here (via ILoveJackDaniels)
  • The flower-like graphs laying on top of the DNA bars are yet another way to visualize a site. You can do this here
  • The retro font I downloaded from Font Freak
  • The banner that contains the quotes is drawn manually using the pencil tool. The quote is from
  • Finally, I switched the whole image to grayscale mode, and then switched back to RGB mode to highlight the ".com" text, to give it a somewhat modern touch

I'd appreciate if you would use the rating feature below this entry to give your opinion on the new logo.

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COMMENT: IKEBOWEN homepagerating

SEP 26, 02:29:48 AM

comment » It's decent, certainly. You might perhaps work a bit with the colors used in the body relative to the header - the orange doesn't seem to mesh really well with the sepia style of the graphic. Not bad, though. «

COMMENT: COLIN WILLIAMS emailhomepagerating

SEP 26, 06:04:22 AM

comment » Love it! Agree with previous comment regarding relative colour scheme - but I'm sure you have that covered! :) «


SEP 26, 07:29:15 AM

comment » Thanks, guys and you're right...the logo doesn't fit in well with the rest of the colour scheme. I'll work on this later this week. «

COMMENT: JUAN F. RUIZ F. emailhomepagerating

SEP 26, 08:58:22

comment » Hi, Ferdy.

I think this is loggo is better than other ... Good job! 12 «


SEP 26, 10:40:22 AM

comment » Hi Ferdy,

I think it would look better without the DNA graphic. The bars look like books

to me and I think it would look good using a worn effect similar to

Val. «

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