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FERDY CHRISTANT - OCT 16, 2006 (01:54:14 PM)

Today, a coworker triggered me to check out Netvibes. Netvibes is a very advanced, and user-friendly way to build you own personalized homepage on the web, similar to and the Google homepage. I only spend 5 minutes playing with it, but already have this result:

On a single homepage I can now see:

  • My agenda
  • My todo list
  • The last 5 comments on my website
  • A Google search panel
  • The last 5 messages of my Gmail inbox
  • Instant messaging from within the page, using Meebo
  • A clock
  • Localized weather
  • The last 5 entries from, category "Technology"

Awesome! There's also thousands of modules you can apply to the page to customize it even more. I'm not gonna run this as my start page of choice just yet, because I have various email accounts and my agenda and todo lists I maintain at work, yet I'll definitely keep an eye on this. For now it seems to crumble the personal homepage.

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OCT 16, 14:45:51

comment » I use NetVibes all the time. Hunt around and you'll find my Domino tab in the Ecosystem that has a whole slew of Domino related websites on it. This one included. 12 «


OCT 16, 07:42:45 PM

comment » I use Netvibes too as my start up page and fully agree that it is great!

This must be the Domino tab mentioned, right? «

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