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The walk of CSS shame »

FERDY CHRISTANT - NOV 16, 2006 (08:30:46 PM)

I'm working on version 3 of but am completely stuck with a CSS bug in IE6. The bug is so intrusive that it must be fixed in order to continue, however, after countless hours of investigating and trying fixes I'm still not having luck.

Of course, the bug does not appear in any good browser, but it needs to be squashed anyway, you know the reasons. Should you be able to be of any help, I happily invite you to have a look at my specific problem here.

Thanks in advance to all that read this.

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COMMENT: SEAN CULL emailhomepage

NOV 16, 11:08:47 PM

comment » Ferdy, you should mention that it only happens when the window size is reduced - it looks fine on my 17" monitor until you shrink it to about 50% «


NOV 17, 07:08:09 AM

comment » Sean, interesting. It behaves like this for me:

No matter the window size, upon initial load, or after refreshing, the layout is incorrect. Any chance to the window size, or when I hover over any link in the incorrect column, fixes the entire layout. When I slowly resize my window, I can clearly see the left column flickering. This is such an odd bug, I have no clue what to do 23 «

COMMENT: YOGI homepage

NOV 17, 09:02:35 AM

comment » use tables instead ? :D «


NOV 17, 03:26:05 PM

comment » Yogi,

I know what you mean but thats not really an option. tables intermix positioning with content. I would like to seperate those. «

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