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PIMB opens up to the world »

FERDY CHRISTANT - MAR 17, 2007 (12:47:02 PM)

It has been a few weeks since I released a first version of PIMB. With only a few dozen downloads so far, and little feedback from the community, I can conclude that it is picking up quite slowly. Hopefully that will change, and perhaps I need to market it more.

Either way, this week I received a magnificient piece of feedback from Jurriaan de Neef, a very helpful user of PIMB. He submitted a patch of tremendous value. It basically solves the PIMB interoperability problem. Before the patch, PIMB chat bot messages that are sent back to the user would not arrive. It would arrive in pure Jabber clients, such as Psi, but not in Jabber-compatible client such as Google Talk. With the patch applied, two things are made possible:

  • Interact with PIMB bots from Google talk and many other Jabber-compatible clients
  • Run bots at a Jabber-compatible service. For instance, we can now run a Google Talk chat bot.

In practice, this makes PIMB bots accessible to a wide range of users. Interoperability is only limited to the interoperability between protocols, which is the case for human chat users anyway. For example, from Windows Live Messenger you cannot interact with a Google Talk account, whether it is human or a bot.

The screenshot below demonstrates 3 clients (Psi, Google Talk, and Gaim) all interacting with the same PIMB bot:

This new feature will be made available in the next release, coming soon. In the meanwhile, thanks Jurriaan! 

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COMMENT: JKS emailrating

MAY 1, 04:48:21 AM

comment » My main question is, how to go about programming a language-acquisition bot in PHP, rather than a pre-programmed response bot.

Ie - a bot that has some kind of word-placement analysis and sentence structure guidelines. I'm basically thinking of a PHP version of NIALL... «


MAY 1, 08:47:04 AM

comment » JKS, I'm not sure what exactly you mean, but if it is possible to do what you want in PHP, it is possible to do it with PIMB 18 «

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