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Big Buck Bunny - open source CGI movie »

FERDY CHRISTANT - MAY 31, 2008 (04:17:57 PM)

The Blender Foundation has released their second open source movie called Big Buck Bunny. Amazing what the power of a community can realize. you should really see this at 1920x1080 (torrent).

Every time I see an amazing scene created by Blender I get inspired to start CGI modeling again. Quickly I then realize how hard it is to produce anything remotely acceptable and just give up.

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COMMENT: JUAN F. RUIZ emailhomepage

JUN 7, 2008 - 10:01:24

comment » Hey, Ferdy!

I've downloaded yesterday ... and saw it ( but not at 1920x1080, hehehe)... It's wonderfull!!! 25

Nice work of Blender Foundation... Nice history and a LOT of patience ... 26 «

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