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Tip: How to create cool gradient wallpapers »

FERDY CHRISTANT - JUN 5, 2008 (07:56:04 PM)

I'm sure you've seen many wallpapers and background images of websites where a gradient effect is used on a base color to give it some depth. The gradients typically appear random and natural, organic almost. The method used to create such an effect is explained on many Photoshop sites. Typically, the process is as follow:

  1. Use the Fill tool to start with a base color
  2. Create a new layer
  3. Create a gradient in the new layer in some direction
  4. Set the Opacity, Fill and/or Blend Mode to blend the gradient into the base color
  5. Repeat this process from step 2 until the desired, natural-looking result is accomplished

Hereby I'll show you a very easy and effective way of accomplishing the same (or better) result. This is so easy I'm almost embarassed:

Pick up your camera, set it to Manual Focus, point it at colorful object from close distance, and shoot without flash.

That's it. Here are some unprocessed results:

What you're looking at are simple shots from our garden. When you enlarge a single image, you may notice that they contain quite some noise. No worries. In Photoshop, simply apply the Gaussian Blur effect with the proper Radius, and you're set. A smooth, natural gradient from actual nature. You can use this as a base for further processing.

Now would be the time to tell you that I accidentally discovered this tip while messing with my camera. 

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NOV 23, 2011 - 09:18:50 AM

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