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FERDY CHRISTANT - MAY 11, 2009 (08:18:27 PM)

TagDragon 1.2 is out. If you don't know what TagDragon is, here it is in action:

In short, it is an autosuggest UI component based on jQuery. The cool thing is that it is very flexible: it only takes one line of Javascript to integrate, is light-weight, you have full control over the styling and the API allows for advanced integration scenarios. Furthermore, it works in almost all browsers. This makes it a suitable component for pretty much any web platform.

Version 1.2 has some slight extensions to the API in order to make it even more flexible. You can now fully decouple the back-end and front-end rendering if you want to. Later this week I will show you how powerful this concept is in practice.

I charge a small fee for the usage of TagDragon (12$ for a developer license which lasts permanently), which I use to fund my project JungleDragon. If you're interested in this component, please use the links below:

Of course I appreciate link love too :)
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COMMENT: BOB MCKAY emailhomepage

JUL 27, 2009 - 09:39:59 PM

comment » Excellent plugin, clean code, responsive developer. I put together a resource kit for the plugin with some samples (including ASP version of the ASP code), here:

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