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Book review: HTML5 for Web Designers »

FERDY CHRISTANT - JUL 16, 2010 (04:21:26 PM)

Although I promised earlier to cut back on dead tree tech books, I was lured into the above title. I'm a web standards man, largely because of the Jeffrey Zeldman movement. Therefore I have been keeping an eye on the development of HTML5 and CSS3 via the blogs.

When I heard Zeldman launching A Book Apart, a publishing firm targetting web designers and developers I could not resist getting a copy of their first title HTML 5 for Web Designers.

The goal of the book is to give a short (only 85 pages) overview of the history of HTML5, it's major features and strategies for usage. It very much succeeds in doing that. Topics are explained in a mild, human writing style. You should see this as a nugget of knowledge, a 2 hour light and practical introduction into HTML5.

Still I was hoping for more. Some of the more intruiging features of HTML, the ones you do not hear about on the blogs, such as local cache stores and the UndoManager are hardly spoken of. Maybe this is because the HTML5 spec is not done yet. The book is reasonably priced, but combined with international shipping, it turns out quite expensive for such a short knowledge intake.

All in all the book is solid, entertaining and to the point. I am happy, but I do not consider this book a must-have at this point. Still, I look forward to additional titles from this new publisher.

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