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FERDY CHRISTANT - JUN 7, 2004 (12:49:34 PM)

I upgraded my server from Domino 6.5 to Domino 6.5.1. I tried the incremental installer but got so much errors that I quickly decided to go for the old school method:

  1. backup data dir and notes.ini of current server
  2. install new server in same dir, but do not set it up.
  3. replace the new notes.ini in the Domino dir with the backup.
  4. replace the new data dir with the backup, but exclude the templates.
  5. start the server
  6. enter "load design" at the server console to refresh the databases with new templates.

Everything works so it seems. Reason for the upgrade is that I want to install a Sametime server. I heard I need to install a fix-pack on top of 6.5.1. first, but I should look into it more. Any advise is very welcome, I'm definitely not a sys admin.

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JUN 7, 15:45:18

comment » I usually just do a full install over an existing Domino. Works fine/better than the incremental installers and I don't habe to copy databases anywhere. It will ask for upgrading the design of names.nsf and upgrade design of some databases by itself.

It's recommended to install 6.5.1 Interim Fix 1 bevor installing Sametime. We had no issues with that.

Check for contents of the field "AccessServerInput" in your server document (security tab). Clear it before installing Sametime. When needed, refill it afterwards and add "Sametime Development/Lotus Notes Companion Products". «


JUN 7, 19:25:52

comment » Many thanks for the tips, Oliver. I will definitely follow your advise. Cheers! «

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