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FERDY CHRISTANT - JUN 21, 2004 (04:53:08 PM)

Last March I have been to the IBM Technical Symposium in Stuttgart, covering Websphere Portal and Lotus Workplace. Since then, I haven't really given it a follow-up. I've seen the products a couple of times, but never tried to do anything with it myself. As a first step I have successfully installed a Websphere Portal server:

I was actually shocked at how trouble-free everything went. I realize it's a minimum install (no RDBMS or LDAP) but I heard some worrying sounds about Portal install issues before I tried. Guess it's not that bad (yet). I installed it on my spare box, a PIII 1Ghz with 768Meg of RAM on board. It took 6 hours for the installation to finish, and clicking around the portal isn't exactly fast, yet I consider it good enough for a playing field.

Thanks a lot to Paul Rollo, who kindly pointed out which files you need from the IBM passport site. That probably saved downloading about 20 GB.

For now, I'll get myself familiar with portal by clicking around a little. After that, I'd like to be able to write and deploy a simple portlet. When I have these things figured out, the fun begins: trying to build something usefull in portal. I'll inform you every step of the way, I myself find it quite hard to get nuts-n-bolts info on portal. Another resource can't hurt, right?

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JUN 21, 19:44:44

comment » You bet! It's about time I got the S/W up and running. I've spent 4 days over the past month with IBM doing Portal stuff.

Perhaps we could pool our resources on this one? «


JUN 21, 19:50:42

comment » Excellent idea Roy, feel free to drop me a line and collaborate. I'd prefer a beer though ;) «

COMMENT: PAUL R homepage

JUN 24, 21:12:11

comment » i'm happy to pool ideas. «


JUN 25, 14:26:00

comment » Can anyone tell me what pool means? «

COMMENT: MAMA emailhomepage

OCT 30, 16:54:38

comment » i would love to collaborate.. you can find me @ «

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