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FERDY CHRISTANT - SEP 7, 2004 (05:38:54 PM)

Funny. Just as I was to write a blog entry about XHTML, my RSS reader pops up with a new blog entry at Mike's site, entitled "Does anyone care about XHTML anymore?".

Well, useless to say that I do. In fact, a while back I was called mr XHTML by somebody. Flattering, but a slightly exagerrated statement, I think. I have been openly criticized and loved for bending Domino into XHTML-compliant markup, which has resulted into this article and this blog template.

The truth is, however, that I have never preached XHTML as the way to go. The article was merely proof that it can be done. This Domino XHTML blog template is merely a personal experiment that got out of hand. I fully realize how drastic the change in development technique is in order to reach this compliancy. I also understand that you can't apply it to every situation, especially not in business. I can even partly agree with people when they mention that perhaps Domino is not the tool to do this, at this time, although I do think that the extra effort for compliancy is not THAT big.

Nevertheless, I still believe in XHTML, but I don't preach it. Why? Because it works. Because it is the fundament of this blog template which is surprisingly successfull even before its release. Because even my employers' official press site is based upon it. Yes, XHTML and business, they can be combined, without much additional effort. Finally, because it is my job to embrace open standards.

Oh, and two more s3maphor3 bloggers went live, they are Ted Castelijns and Neil Gower. Make daddy proud boys.

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