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FERDY CHRISTANT - OCT 15, 2004 (02:11:15 PM)

Today I'm studying Websphere studio to prepare for another certification later this year. I have been playing with it before, but never really got into depth on all the features. Working through the certification guide I keep discovering great features.

What most impressed me today is the huge amount of preferences one can configure in the IDE. I'm so used to Lotus not offering these features, yet when I see them in WSAD now I'm wondering how an IDE could do without them.


  • Configurable Code formatting
  • Code completion that works, with a configurable delay time
  • The ability to enforce naming conventions
  • Automatically generated comments, .i.e. including the date and author
  • Automatic code history, and the ability to go back at any point in time. the ability to check for differences between them

I'm especially charmed by the code templates and conventions, the only way we enforce these at work using Lotus is through guidelines and reviews and as everybody knows, by the time you review, you usually are too late. It is features like these that increasy quality and save time. Come on, Lotus!

Here's a rookie question...does anyone know if it's possible to interchange the WSAD preferences between desktops? I often work at different clients and installs and would not like to tune my WSAD over and over again. I haven't really looked for a solution to this but if anyone could just name the file it would be awesome.

Tonight a new bar opens in Heesch, where I was born. A great chance to uphold the reputation :)

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