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FERDY CHRISTANT - OCT 29, 2004 (03:46:01 PM)

Had a counterproductive Websphere study day today. I was trying to follow a case study in the certification guide I use. The case makes up the second half of the guide, so I found it important to get it working. It basically is an invoicing J2EE application that uses Cloudscape for data storage. Here's some of the things I wasted my time on:

  • Workspace management. The author of the guide often tells you to start Websphere by using one of the startup workspaces on the CD. These workspaces on the CD are empty though. The CD contains a readme file with some last minute instructions telling you what to do instead. Like I would read the readme, what was he thinking? Anyway, appearantly the new way is to import workspaces using the Project Interchange plugin for Websphere, which is also located on the CD. Trouble is, the supplied version does not work, at least not with WSAD 5.1.1. When you download the latest version from the IBM site it does work. Problem fixed, after 3 hours!
  • As soon as you have your case project completed, following instructions in the guide, it is time to configure the data source to the Cloudscape container. After following exactly the instructions on how to do this, it did not work. It took me a while to even find the error message, but it mentioned I should upgrade the Cloudscape database. Very "intuitively", you can do this by adding ";upgrade=true" after the value in the database name field of the server configuration. I remember Spug complaining about something similar before.
  • After upgrading the database, it still did not work. I had copied the CD to my local drive for faster access. What I did not realize is that the files kept their read-only property from the CD-ROM. A silly mistake, but hard to find if you don't know why your data source isn't working.

I hope this is of some use to anybody sometime. I have to agree with Spug, the WSAD wizards and fancy editors are handy and productive most of the time, but if something does not work, they only add an extra layer of complexity. Ah well, I got everything working now and am almost finished with the guide.

PS: If you intend to purchase the guide, do not use the IBM link, just order from Amazon. You'll save lots, especially when you don't live in the US.

Have a good weekend all

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OCT 29, 17:38:44

comment » Thing is am a pretty happy with jCreator; it justs works. When I go into WSAD everything is a struggle. Most things do not work first time and need configuring. When I moan about this people remind me of things like:

"Oh yeah but you can debug your EJBs and Portlets"

right now this aint worth the agro.

I hope it will be in time. «


NOV 9, 08:58:00

comment » i binned the cloudscape stuff pretty early on and just went for db2. «

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